Daily Specials

43¢ Wings Monday to Thursday 63¢ Wings Friday to Sunday

Each person at the table must order a drink. Take away & Packed wings are regular price.

Sunday Specials

Sunday: Battered "Scallops" $6

served with lemon aioli

Monday Specials

Monday: Deep Fried Fish Balls $5.2

sweet chili dipping sauce

Tuesday Specials

Tuesday: Samosas $5.3

curried minced chicken in a light crispy shell

Wednesday Specials

Wednesday: Thai Fish Cakes $5.4

basa, red curry, kaffir lime leaves, panko, cucumber, cilantro, sweet chili sauce

Thursday Specials

Thursday: Kara-age Chicken $6.1

taiwanese spice, sriracha mayo

Friday Specials

Friday: Sesame Edamame $4.9

sesame oil, sesame seeds, salt on side

Saturday Specials

Saturday: Cheesecake $4.2

chocolate sauce, strawberry syrup